6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening in Tampa

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening in Tampa

Sep 01, 2022

It’s only natural for you to wish to have a dazzling smile; who doesn’t? That’s why you will find a plethora of teeth whitening methods and products in the market to try and satisfy the ever-growing demand for teeth whitening near you.

More people are beginning to understand and value the importance of teeth whitening. It is not just confined to aesthetics but goes much deeper since it affects your oral health and even self-confidence.

If you have stained teeth, you must know how frustrating it is to live with a tainted smile. Socializing is a nightmare since you cannot fancy the thought of flashing your smile to strangers or colleagues. It’s even worse if your job requires a stain-free smile.

Even though there are tons of options, it doesn’t mean that every option will get you the results you desire. Countless people have been disappointed with certain teeth whitening options, especially when they decided to go the DIY route. The best way to go has always been the professional route; this is why:

  1. Customized Treatment

You will get a generalized treatment if you buy a whitening product from your local store. The products are never designed to meet anyone’s specific needs. The generalized mode of therapy can be a nightmare since you might not find an option that works for you.

For instance, you might decide to get whitening strips; then, when you try them out, they aren’t a perfect fit. When they are ill-fitting, it leads to uneven teeth whitening.

On the other hand, you will have a different experience when you visit our dentist in Tampa, FL. Our dentist will examine your teeth and determine the type of stains you have, check the health of your gums, and inquire about your expectations and preferences.

Then, our dentist will use the information to create a customized teeth whitening treatment plan. Even though you choose to do it at home, our dentist will get you customized trays for your mouth and teeth. Unlike the products you purchase from your local store, you will get uniform or consistent results.

  1. Guaranteed Results

Most products that you will purchase from your local store will never really deliver as they have advertised. You might adhere to the instructions and still not get the desired results. Moreover, you will need to use the products over a more extended period to see some changes.

Now, that’s why you should visit our dentist to get your teeth whitened. The reason is simple; in-office teeth whitening guarantees instant results. You will come in with a tainted smile and leave with a brighter smile. What’s more, you will receive pro tips on how you can maintain your new smile.

  1. Enhanced Oral Health

Before you get the smile of your dreams, our dentist will commence the treatment by dealing with any dental issue. So, if you have cavities or gum disease, our dentist will treat these issues and then whiten your smile. Look at teeth whitening as the cherry on top. In other words, teeth whitening crowns a healthy smile.

What’s more, when you schedule for professional teeth whitening, you are also signing up for a dental checkup. Our dentist will get the chance to examine the state of your oral health.

What’s more, you will do your best not to taint your smile. It’s only natural not to want to mess up your bright smile. So this means that you will be motivated to clean your teeth after meals and avoid certain foods and drinks that might affect your smile.

  1. Expertly Executed

When you get a whitening product off the shelf in your local store, you might never get all the information about the product to ensure that you get the best results. The limited information might not work to your advantage.

But if you get it done by our dentist, all your concerns and questions will be answered since you will be dealing with an expert in the field. This will also ensure that the results will be tailored to your expectations and desires.

  1. Safety

The whitening gels contain hydrogen peroxide, which could harm your gums. Moreover, some patients will experience elevated tooth sensitivity.

Our dentist is aware of these issues and will take the necessary precautions to protect the soft tissues during the procedure. You might also receive a fluoride treatment to help reduce tooth sensitivity.

  1. Deals With Deep Staining

Professional teeth whitening procedures are more effective since they have higher levels of bleaching agents than products you find in the stores. Therefore, they are equipped to deal with deep stains. The other bleaching agents can only deal with surface stains.

As you can see, visiting our dentist is the best thing you can do if you want your teeth whitened. So, contact us at New Tampa Smiles to schedule an appointment.