Are Partials Better Than Dentures?

Are Partials Better Than Dentures?

Dec 01, 2020

A denture is a dentistry treatment that merely needs an introduction. Everyone knows that they are custom-made replacements to fill-up the gaps created by the missing teeth.

There might be any reason for missing teeth it may be due to infections or accidents. Whatever may be the cause, denture is an effective solution.

If we talk about dentures patients can choose partial or full as per their requirement, both the options are good to fill up the vacant space and retain your smile. Contact dental experts at New Tampa Smiles today.

Problems Missing Teeth Creates

When a person lost his/her permanent teeth, this loss not only effects on looks but generates many other problems.

Sagging of Facial Muscles

Teeth are a vital part of the human face it is not necessary for a smile. But they maintain overall facial structure so that you can look younger and beautiful. The earlier loss of permanent teeth can sag facial muscles that can make you look older than your age.

Changes in Diet

Teeth play an important part in eating functionality. If your teeth are not strong and some of them are missing, it will affect chewing. There are certain foods that you will not be able to eat. Because of this reason, you have to change your diet.

Refraining from some food like fruits and nuts etc. would diminish nutrition values for your body.

Shifting and Moving

Missing teeth create a vacant space and we know that teeth are not permanent fixes inside our mouth. Remaining healthy teeth start moving towards space. Over some time, it generates gaps between the teeth that is another dental issue to deal with.

Formation of Bacteria

Missing teeth create space inside the mouth. If this space is left untreated, it can be a favorable place for the formation of bacterial infection. So if someone misses his/her teeth, don’t leave it untreated. There are many solutions available – you can go full or partial dentures in Tampa, FL.

What Are Partials?

As there are numerous dental treatments available in the world of dentistry, partials for teeth are the best treatment to fill up the vacant spaces created by some of the missing teeth. Other permanent teeth are still present in the mouth.

They are removable dentures manufactured with a composite material that shares compatibility with the mouth. The tooth for replacement is prepared in the lab according to your measurement.

Complete Vs. Partial Dentures

A complete denture is needed when a patient all his/her teeth and he/she needs complete replacement. In case of a full denture, a full arch is placed inside the mouth; the base of the set is made with flash colored plastic.

A professional dentist can make this arch rests inside your mouth comfortably. A thin layer of saliva between dentures and gums helps to anchor the denture.

If we talk about partials, they are made of a gum-colored plastic base that is connected with a metal framework. A bridge replaces one or more teeth and a crown is placed on them to attach an artificial tooth on either side of the teeth to fill up the missing gap.

Partials are best to replace one or more missing teeth. One can avail them if they lose their teeth in a row. They are robust and can be inside your mouth for years. They are natural-looking so are the best consideration for replacement.

Partial or Denture: Which One is the Best??

When it comes to the importance of the partial and dentures, both play a significant role in missing teeth replacement. Both are suggested for two different situations.

If you are looking forward to availing of the facility for your loved ones, you should consult a dentist. He/she will guide you in the right direction. Dentures no matter if it is half or full. The success of the treatment only depends on the perfect placement and patient’s care for them.

Proper care is mandatory to enhance the life longevity of them. After their placement inside your mouth, you would not only retail your charming appearance. But they will add ease in the chewing process plus protect your overall oral health from further deterioration.