How to Transform Your Smile with Clear Aligners Treatment in Tampa, FL

How to Transform Your Smile with Clear Aligners Treatment in Tampa, FL

Oct 01, 2022

Are you wondering whether you can transform your smile using the transparent aligner therapy offered by a certified provider near you? You will never succeed unless you visit the dentist in Tampa to evaluate your dental situation to determine whether you qualify for the treatment with clear aligners.

If you wish to transform your smile with clear aligners, your primary objective is to schedule an appointment with the Tampa dentist to discuss your smile goals and to have your teeth examined by the professional. Most providers of Invisalign near you offer a free consultation to evaluate your dental situation and determine whether you qualify for treatment with Invisalign.

Invisalign is a teeth straightening technique that allows you to have straighter teeth complementing a beautiful smile with braces but without metal brackets or wires. The treatment helps correct mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections leaving your teeth with underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, crowded and crooked teeth, and gaps between your teeth. If you have a complicated situation, you might have to seek treatment from an orthodontist with traditional braces to straighten teeth instead of transparent aligners.

What Is Unique about the Invisalign System?

The Invisalign system introduced in the late 90s is the first transparent aligner treatment that helps straighten teeth with dental grade clear plastic BPA-free braces that fit snugly over your teeth without brackets or wires holding them. The introduction of Invisalign treatment revolutionized orthodontic therapy forever, encouraging adults to seek orthodontic treatments they avoided for fear of wearing traditional braces over their teeth for three years or more before achieving their desired results.

The Invisalign system allowed people to receive a comfortable and virtually invisible technique of straightening teeth with the braces remaining inconspicuous over their teeth because of the material that helps make them. In addition, the braces relegated the restrictions of traditional orthodontic treatments to the background by allowing people to remove them when eating foods or drinking any beverages they wanted, except for water without restrictions.

Best of all, the clear aligner therapy also allowed people to maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing teeth, flossing them without inhibitions, and allowing dental infections to manifest in their mouths.

Does the Invisalign System Have No Restrictions?

Similar to any orthodontic treatment, Invisalign also subjects you to some restrictions. However, they are insignificant and comfortably manageable by adhering to the provider’s instructions. In addition, the limits of Invisalign enable you to transform your smile faster than traditional orthodontic treatments helping you achieve results in six to 18 months to show off your beautiful smile.

If you qualify for treatment with transparent aligners, the dentist takes images of your teeth using intraoral cameras and helps you view how your smile appears after your therapy. The photos are for the manufacturers to custom create your aligners which you receive approximately three weeks later.

When you collect your first batch of aligners, our dentist in Tampa recommends wearing them over your teeth for approximately 22 hours every day, giving you a gap of two hours to eat, drink, and maintain appropriate dental hygiene. You also receive instructions to replace the first set of aligners on your teeth with a new batch every fortnight to continue your treatment.

As the braces have no wires or brackets, you don’t need to visit the Invisalign provider monthly to tighten or adjust them. However, you must visit the dentist every six to eight weeks to assess your progress and collect your fresh batch of aligners. The sequence continues until you are through your treatment and have achieved the desired straighter teeth.

Although removable from your teeth, the clear aligner braces must return to them soon after completing your everyday activities without delay. Any compromise with the 22 hours the aligners must remain on your teeth will affect your treatment and encourage your teeth to shift back to their original positions. Therefore if you desire quick results and a transformation to your smile, you must adhere to the Tampa dentist’s instructions without exception.

Completing your treatment within six or 18 months merely provides freedom from the braces but requires you to wear retainers created from the same material that helped make your clear aligners. The retainers must remain on your teeth for approximately 18 months during the daytime before the dentist eventually instructs you to wear the retainers when sleeping at night. You must also adhere to the instructions for wearing retainers because your teeth can drift back to their original positions within a week, even after receiving orthodontic treatment to straighten them.

If you are determined to succeed, transforming your smile with clear aligners is not a challenge in Tampa. However, merely thinking about the treatment will not help without arranging a meeting with New Tampa Dentistry, who can help you achieve your goal. Therefore if you desire straighter teeth, kindly contact them today to begin your treatment with transparent aligners.