Botox in Tampa, FL 

New Tampa Smiles is a family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry clinic conveniently located for when you need a dentist near you. Our staff includes specialized dentists who now offer injections for esthetic enhancement to go along with restorative dental procedures.

We are a patient-centered dental practice, and our goal is to help our patients have a healthy and beautiful smile. We use anti-wrinkle injections for restorative work and to treat bruxism/tooth grinding.

Bruxism and Muscle Relaxing Injections

Bruxism is the medical term for tooth grinding. Many people grind their teeth at night, and some during the day, which can lead to a lot of negative health/dental conditions. One method for treating bruxism is through using anti-wrinkle injections because the injection reduces involuntary muscle movements.

Muscle relaxing injections can be very effective for treating bruxism. Using injections to treat bruxism is a new technology that produces far better results than traditional methods like wearing a tooth guard at night or using medications to reduce the pain. Injections for bruxism treat the problem at the source to eliminate the painful side effects of tooth grinding.

Who is a Candidate for Bruxism Injections?

If you struggle with grinding your teeth, then you should consult with our Tampa, FL dentist to find out if injections are right for you. Teeth guards work for some people to prevent damage to the teeth but do not eliminate the problem. We use bruxism injections for our patients who want a better way to protect their teeth from the symptoms of tooth grinding. Symptoms include jaw pain, toothaches, and damage to the teeth.

We also use injections during some restorative dentistry procedures for esthetic reasons. Having the technology and specialized staff in-house to perform injections for restorative procedures allows us to be comprehensive in our services when it comes to performing cosmetic dental procedures at our clinic.

Where Can I Find Muscle Relaxing Injections Near Me?

New Tampa Smiles is a leader in the Tampa, FL area for injections to treat bruxism. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with our dentist near you, and our team will come up with a treatment plan personalized to your needs. We have specialized dentists on staff and the latest technologies to successfully perform a comprehensive range of dental procedures for our patients, including restorative and preventative dentistry.

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