Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging in Tampa, FL

When you visit New Tampa Smiles, our dentist may suggest a diagnostic x-ray to get a clearer picture of the problem. 3D x-rays and CBCT scans take the guesswork out of the process and allow for timely and effective treatment.

We use reliable dental imaging techniques near you to help us detect minor to major cavities, infections, abscesses, and deformities.

What Digital X-Rays Are

Modern digital technology reduces the wastage of materials and the use of chemicals and provides accurate, clear results. The digital images are easily stored or transferred onto a computer, and our dentist at Tampa, FL, can enlarge them for better clarity. The radiation levels are very low, and digital x-rays are considered safe for patients of all ages.

Our friendly staff will ask you to wear a protective lead apron to minimize exposure to radiation. We use the latest dental imaging technologies near you to ensure maximum accuracy in diagnosis.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

New Tampa Smiles strives to be an eco-friendly practice by using digital imaging. Digital x-rays are also faster, more accurate, and easier to retrieve. They are much safer as they are associated with 85% less radiation than standard x-rays.

Our dentist can enhance, enlarge, color, or sharpen images or portions of the image as required. Digital x-rays capture multiple images at once, which allow us to plan dental treatments more efficiently.

CBCT Scans for Better Diagnosis

At times, we may need patients to get a CBCT or Cone Beam Computerized Tomography scan done. CBCT dental imaging in Tampa, FL, provides more information than conventional digital x-rays and offers higher levels of precision. They are also able to image soft tissues and bone at the same time.

Our highly skilled dentist near you may recommend a CBCT scan for:

  • Planning removal of wisdom teeth
  • More accurate positioning of dental implants
  • Detailed evaluation for orthodontic treatment
  • Assessment of complex root canal diagnosis

During a CBCT scan, the lab technician will rotate a computerized arm 360-degrees around your head to capture images from multiple angles. Please contact New Tampa Smiles to learn more about dental imaging near you.

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