Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Tampa, FL

Even though fluoride additives can be found in many over-the-counter kinds of toothpaste and dental rinses, it’s still suggested that children and adults receive a professional fluoride treatment from a dentist near them in Tampa, FL to ensure maximum oral health. This added protection is so important that it’s been endorsed by many world health organizations and dental associations as a means to protect the enamel of teeth against decay in patients of all ages.

An Added Boost to Your Family’s Smile

You may already be diligent about using products that contain fluoride, but these products may fall short on their performance promises if not used correctly. This is a particular challenge if you have children who may – or may not be – brushing their teeth as often as they say they are. But treatment from New Tampa Smiles is not reserved only for children who need smile protection.

A fluoride treatment in Tampa, FL, can also benefit adults who may need added protection against foods and drinks that have a corrosive effect on dental enamel. At New Tampa Smiles, we include fluoride treatment as a part of professional teeth cleaning, but there’s always room for added protection through a separate fluoride treatment from our dentist in Tampa, FL.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

One of the most common complaints we hear from patients who use over-the-counter fluoride protection is that their teeth become sensitive afterward. This may be because the products being used were not used as directed and resulted in weakened tooth enamel. Instead of cutting corners with off-the-shelf products that are not always professionally regulated, a gentle one appointment fluoride treatment from New Tampa Smiles can provide the added protection your teeth need to fight decay without the risk of damaged enamel.

Fluoride Treatment from New Tampa Smiles

There are three easy ways to remember how important professional fluoride treatments from New Tampa Smiles are to the health of your smile: They protect the enamel of your teeth, they protect against cavities and tooth decay, and they make economic sense when compared to the cost of over-the-counter products that frequently under-perform. Make your appointment now for a fluoride treatment in Tampa, FL, from the caring team at New Tampa Smiles.

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