TMJ/TMD Treatment

TMJ/TMD Treatment in Tampa, FL

Are you experiencing pain in your jaw? Do you often have headaches or feel your jaw pop when eating? You may be one of the millions of people who suffer from TMJ/TMD. Did you know there are several treatment options available that can remedy your discomfort?

Our talented experts at New Tampa Smiles in Tampa, FL would be happy to serve you. We strive to give you the best care while helping to relieve your pain.

What Is It?

Those who suffer from TMD (temporomandibular disorder) know all too well of the woes that come with it. When your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) experiences trauma, simple tasks like chewing can become painful.

Many times, this is brought on by stress or grinding teeth. Pain and swelling can occur, as well as the jaw becoming stuck open or closed. Sounds often accompany the pain, like pops or clicks. The face may feel tired and worn down, as well.

Who Needs TMJ/TMD Treatment?

If you have been suffering from frequent headaches, pain, and even tingling sensations in your fingers, it may be time to consider treatment. TMJ/TMD can sometimes go away without recourse. Many times, however, the need for action is required to see relief.

If you’re interested in resolving your symptoms once and for all, give New Tampa Smiles in Tampa, FL, a call. We’ll arrange an appointment to explore any and all possibilities in remedying your situation. Don’t suffer for another day. It is our pleasure to assist you in returning to a life without discomfort.

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