Six Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies from Ruining Your Holidays

Six Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies from Ruining Your Holidays

Oct 01, 2021

After a year of unnecessary stress from the pandemic, if you and your family are looking forward to a summer vacation either in the country or abroad, remember emergency dental services continue working even as you enjoy your holiday, leaving concerns of toothaches or a chipped or cracked tooth back home. If you are not careful, you or a family member may develop a toothache or even break a tooth.

The toothache will undoubtedly receive attention from urgent dental care wherever you are. However, do you need to leave yourself and your family vulnerable to dental emergencies? Why not prepare yourself ahead of time by reading about the six tips provided by an experienced dentist to prevent emergencies during your holidays from ruining your fun? We are confident you will spend time reading this article to avoid the need for dental care when having a good time.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies during Your Holidays?

1. Remain on Top of Your Dental Hygiene

Your dental hygiene routine does not require relegation into the background because you are going out of town. However, forgetting to brush and floss every day allows bacteria and plaque buildup to accumulate on your gums and teeth. By the time you are ready to head back, cavities and infections may begin preventing you from enjoying your vacation as you desire. Therefore set reminders to brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once before heading to bed.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated does not mean filling yourself up with carbonated drinks or other beverages like lemonade, sports drinks, et cetera to cool down. These beverages can damage your tooth enamel and cause decay because of their higher sugar and acid content. Instead, use ice-cold water to beat the heat and prevent cavities.

3. Use Healthy Snacks

Limiting snacking during your vacation is challenging. You may find yourself extending your hand towards that box of cookies or candies. You must refrain from such habits and prefer mouth healthy foods instead of highly processed foods. Nuts, cheese, yogurt, and fresh fruits are excellent alternatives to keep your family’s smiles and tummies happy and satisfied.

4. Your Pearly Whites Need Protection

During your vacation, getting involved in contact sports can leave you with a broken tooth needing emergency dental care from a practice unknown to you, and probably charging high prices for any services provided. To minimize such risks, why not avoid painful situations by ensuring everyone has a mouth guard to wear over their teeth as a protective measure? We are confident you will consider our suggestion with the seriousness it deserves.

5. Have A Dental Emergency Kit Handy

Accidents tend to occur despite your best efforts. Therefore, you must possess a dental emergency kit with details of your dentist’s contact information, gauze pads, handkerchief, saline solution, latex-free gloves, and a tiny container with a secure lid. The handy kit will ensure if you come across any dental emergency, you have minimal preventive measures in your hand to manage it until you get to the nearest emergency dentist.

6. Dental Visits before You Embark on Your Vacation

Before you leave town with your family to your preferred destination, schedule an appointment with your dentist with your family for dental exams and cleanings. The visit to your dentist permits the professional to detect any problems that may aggravate and cause complications during your vacation. In addition, getting the treatments you need ahead of time allows you to enjoy peace of mind with confidence knowing your family’s smiles are healthy and not at risk of encountering any dental emergencies.

You must try to make your summer vacation as relaxing as possible and not looking forward to recovering from a dental problem in another part of the country. However, if you are determined to prevent dental emergencies, you must follow these tips and keep your family’s pearly whites safe during the vacation and many more to come in the future.

You may think these tips may or may not help you during your vacation. However, can you risk the possibility of getting injured or developing infections in the mouth when you least expect it? If not, we suggest you study the information carefully and follow it as indicated, and have a wonderful vacation.